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As an eligible Shades of Green guest, you may sponsor up to three rooms. In addition, a dependent spouse can also sponsor up to three rooms provided the following conditions are met...

  • You are a registered guest at Shades of Green
  • You agree to be responsible for your guests
  • You must accompany your guest at time of check in. Sponsored guest will not be authorized to check in without the sponsor being present
  • Sponsored guest reservations must check in on the same day and must depart before or on the same day as your reservation
  • You accompany your guests while purchasing attraction tickets
  • Your guests must follow the rules of the resort

Eligible Shades of Green guests have used this unique Sponsorship program to bring in-laws, grandparents, close family friends and relatives to share in their vacation fun. This is especially helpful if you are planning an intimate wedding or family reunion to be held at Shades of Green. Many servicemembers on leave from OIF/OEF have used this option to reunite with family members here in Orlando. Family members get to enjoy their loved ones in a low stress environment away from the pressures of daily life and maximize their time together.


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